It's Time to Start Using your Dining Room

Posted by Devon Shryock

The most neglected room in the houses that we see is consistently the dining room. Too many families are spending their meal time in front of the television or in different rooms entirely. Technology may be to blame for this new trend, but we believe that it can be counteracted with a dining room remodel.

When you are planning your dining room remodel, make sure that it is a completely unique and separate space in your home. You are not going to pull your children away from the television if you are trying to only avert their eyes in the same space. If your home is already built with a separate dining room (formal or not), take advantage of it. You can add the illusion of privacy to your space if it not completely closed off with new lighting, decorations, and large design statement pieces.

Adding life to your dining area will make you motivated to use it. It’s a shame to let a new bouquet of flowers go to waste, so add it to your table! A plant that requires watering and basic maintenance will also be a great addition to the room. You are more likely to be drawn to the area if there is a limited lifespan on the flowers, or if your hard work with the plant is shown there.

Adding place settings to your tablescape is another way to feel drawn to the space. If you have young children, let them choose what will go at their space; a fun color, design, or pattern on a place setting will make your child feel like the space is personalized for them. Having place settings will also make the space feel more official. Rather than running to the couch with your plate on your lap, your meal will be more intentional with a designed and detailed setting. Now the settings do not have to be formal (watch out for those messy kid hands), but a simple setting can go a long way.

If you are not concerned with the size of your space, add a storage piece or serving surface. Having a chest or sideboard for all of your plates and utensils will help to legitimize your dining space. A unique piece can be useful as well as decorative. A favorite of ours: a chest with room for storage and additional visual space for wine glasses and a decorative (or favorite) wine bottle.

Finally, bring a new piece of lighting to your space. Something about a low chandelier screams “dining room.” A new light fixture will bring a different character and overall feel to your space. If a new chandelier or light fixture is not in your design plan, try adding light dimmers.

S.E.A Construction is a strong supporter of the family dining room. The space can be used both formally and for a fun family evening. If you are ready for a dining room remodel or want to find a space in your home to specify as your dining area, let us know!

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