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Tips From a Pro July / August 2011

Do your long term plans for a major kitchen remodel keep slipping further into the future? Yet living with your dreary dated kitchen is getting you down? Take heart. You can transform your kitchen into an updated dazzling space for a lot less than you think.

Designer Know-How October / November 2010

...if you want to keep costs down, a designer can be the most important member of your remodel team. With all the fabulous product choices out there and the thousands of possible new looks, remodeling can seem overwhelming; especially if you’re trying to contain costs.

Time to Remodel Spring 2010

Remodeling Made Easy Fall 2009

What if you could find a home remodeling company that was all-inclusive like a resort in Cancun? Say you could get all the services you need bundled together to save a lot of money—and time—instead of running around to find the same services a la carte. And because this is your house we’re talking about and not a resort vacation, instead of worrying about where to go for dinner, you didn’t have to worry about nasty construction surprises, unaffordable designs, mistakes, missing permits, cost overruns or hidden fees.

The Best Just Keeps Getting Better Summer 2009

Here’s a simple fact. People who are the best at what they do keep finding ways to get even better. That’s just who they are. And that’s why they’re the best. [...Now, Albert is adding to his already comprehensive menu of services, a practice he calls budgeting transparency.] ...

...“With an open book competitive estimating system we are able to consistently deliver the lowest possible prices for the finest quality work,” Albert said.

Albert further explains that his budget transparency process also allows:

1. Accurate preliminary budgets based on current costs
2. Architects, designers, and clients access to all pricing impacts as they develop designs
3. Competitive bidding to insure the lowest possible pricing from qualified subcontractors and vendors

Bathroom Remodeling On Any Budget [CLICK HERE]

$ Bathroom Botox®

You want to give your bathroom new life but don’t have want the hassle or expense of a big remodel? Think about a mini-facelift. By keeping your existing layout and changing out a few key items you can really bring your bath back to the future.

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