Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Posted by Devon Shryock

In the daylight, a home can really impress. Well-placed plants can accent the home’s exterior, dress up a pathway and create dazzling displays for the eyes to rest on as you approach the house. In the dark of night all of that disappears and, more importantly, those same plants that dazzle in the day can create obstructions of vision and shadows that can reduce your home’s security and safety. Fortunately, outdoor lighting comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes to suit both your home’s architecture and your security lighting needs. Here are some examples of how to improve your outdoor lighting to make an important difference in your home’s security and night time aesthetic.

The homeowners really improved their home’s safety and security by installing lights along the pathways. You’ll notice that the lights are unobtrusive, accent the pool and plantings, are well out of the walkways themselves, so as not to pose a tripping hazard, and the combination of lighting styles create a pleasing aesthetic while illuminating the entire space, making it completely safe to navigate the pathways after dark. Outdoor lighting also discourages intruders, as they tend to avoid areas where they would be highly visible such as this.

Below is an example of how outdoor lighting highlights the home’s architecture and improves visibility after dark. Notice how all the windows are illuminated by landscape lights. Not only is this look appealing, but lighting around windows discourages break-ins, as it would be hard for an intruder to go unnoticed, at these possible entry points.

This outdoor space (below) gets lots of ambient light from the homes interior. You’ll notice though, that  soffit lights on the home’s exterior (under the eaves) illuminate entry points and the homes perimeter, for those hours when all the lights inside the house are off.

Lastly, when you improve your outdoor lighting, you suddenly have a great way to spotlight a focal point, or highlight important accents in your landscape design.

If you’re thinking about outdoor lighting for your home, contact us at S.E.A. Construction today. We’ll help you create a beautiful plan that will illuminate all the fine points of your home and landscape as well as provide you with the security of better visibility. With 28 years of home remodeling and renovating experience, we can complete the project for you. Let us light up your life.

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