The Immediate Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Posted by Devon Shryock

Think about your friends' homes you feel most comfortable in at dinner parties. What makes it a cozy and fun environment? There's probably a sense of unity within the party, uniterrupted by the host's need to go check on dinner. This is just one of the benefits of an open floor plan in your home. Most homes today are built with a "great room," which combines the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Here are our five favorite reasons why you should consider an open floor plan for your next home remodel:

  • Be More Social
    Ensure that you never have to miss a bit of the fun when you go check on the roast. Combining the kitchen with other rooms in the house keeps everyone in the same general area, allowing for a more entertaining environment.
  • Be More Attentive
    For all of it's many wonders as the keeper of the food, the kitchen can still sometimes be dangerous. Even after taking all the necessary precautions to childproof, there is a never a complete guarantee that it's injury-free. Knocking down those walls opens up your line of sight. This can even be applied to just about every room in your home. Opening up the area gives you the opportunity to supervise without confining you to a single spot.
  • Be More Vibrant
    Like the song says, let the sunshine in! Without walls blocking the way, natural light will brighten up your living space. Not only will your home feel cheerier, you'll save money on electricity needed for more harsher overhead lighting.
  • Be More Versatile
    Another bonus of more natural light flooding in is the illusion that your house is bigger than it is. Just as lighter interior paint colors can make a small room large, an open floor plan emphasizes the open space in your home, without feeling too overwhelming in a large room. It really is the one design that works no matter the size of your house.
  • Be More At Home
    Open kitchens and floor plans bring people together and make your home feel cozier. Since the kitchen is where the food is, everyone naturally flocks to it. Rather than feeling cramped and uninviting, knocking down those walls warmly welcomes every guest to your home.

Are you ready to open up your home and update your floor plan? Give S.E.A. Construction a call and we'll be with you every step of your journey.

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