How Useful is a Mudroom Anyway?

Posted by Devon Shryock

A mudroom is the second entryway into your home, essentially a barrier between the outside world and your home. It can cut down on household clutter, increase effective organization and protect your home from unnecessary dirt, allergens and germs. However, a mudroom is only useful if it’s being utilized for its full potential. Here are the two things you should remember to get the most out of your new addition:

  1. First and foremost, an effective mudroom needs to serve a purpose.
    Without a designated purpose, you’ll just have a random room. So how would you like to fill that room? Do you need a laundry room? Do you have kids or pets? Setting up a leash station for your dog saves you time and energy usually spent searching the house before going on a walk. Are you an active gardener? If you spend a lot of time in the yard, consider installing a large sink to clean tools and water plants. Figuring out how your household can best utilize the space will open up the flood of ideas.
  2. Maintain an organizational system - and use it!
    Once you’ve landed on the right purpose, set up zones within your mudroom to regulate the traffic. Determine what you’ll need to store in the room. Keep in mind, this space is for regular use and shouldn’t be a place for long-term storage like holiday decorations. That just contributes to unnecessary clutter. Perhaps cubbies make sense for your family, with a separate space for everyone’s shoes and keys. If sports are important in your household, designate a specific hook or cupboard for every baseball mitt and soccer ball. How you decide to organize the room should serve the chosen purpose.

A second entryway can be a wonderful addition to your home. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to discover the potential your house has for the perfect, effective, mudroom!

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