How to Prepare Your House For Winter Weather

Posted by Devon Shryock

Winter is on its way and we’re going to show you how to prepare your house for winter before the weather gets worse. Stop worrying about drafty halls or patio furniture and instead spend your time on holiday decorations, old traditions, and family gatherings.

Bring patio furniture inside or have it covered

Bring patio furniture inside or have it covered

Patio furniture and BBQs can be damaged by rain, stagnant water, and the wind. To prevent rusting and weathering, they should be stored in a sheltered area or protected with covers.

Fill in gaps and holes

Small gaps between doors or windows can allow heat to escape from your house. And when it gets colder outside, those gaps can also let in unwanted insects and rodents. Prevent this by using foam strips or caulking to fill in the gaps.

Move in potted plants

When temperatures start to dip below 50 degrees, potted plants should be brought indoors. Cold temperatures can cause the plants to wilt or get infections.

Decorate with layers

Use the changing temperature as an opportunity to change the decor in your house. Throw blankets and fuzzy rugs not only keep you warm but can also be used to give your home a more rustic theme.

Replace your furnace filter

Furnace filters should be replaced every three months. When filters are not replaced, dust buildup prevents air from flowing freely meaning your furnace has to work harder. Not changing the filter can also affect your air quality.

Furnace filters should be replaced every three months.

Preparing your home for winter should only take a few hours, but the results can benefit you all the way through February. For more home tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Need help deciding the best course of action for your home? Contact our group of experts to help you plan for the future.


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