How do you Start a Home Remodel?

Posted by Devon Shryock

A home remodel is viewed by many as a daunting task. S.E.A Construction wants to assure you that it doesn’t need to be! Pre-planning and clear design plans can help a remodel project go smoothly, while still paying special attention to your time constraints. Following these basic remodel planning steps will help to get your project off to a great start!

Know Your Style

No matter what type of remodel you are going through, you need to have a clear understanding of your style. Start by searching the Internet and magazines. If you find something you like, rip it out or print it out. Keeping a file of all of your pieces of inspiration will help you better understand your personal style. Themes may emerge from the similarities in colors, designs, and architectural pieces that you are setting aside. Your inspiration pages will help you lay out your overall design theme: this is the starting place for your future plans.

Know WHY

Define your remodel goal. You want to update your home office, but why? If your remodel is inspired by needing more space, keep that the main focal point of all of your remodeling plans. If your home is too dark, be sure that increasing the light is the top priority in all of your plans. Design plans for a remodel may be overwhelming; keep a main goal in mind at all times during the planning phase so you do not get too far off track. Yes, you might love a new bookshelf that you see, but taking up too much space in your small area will be a negative influence on your overall design goal rather than a positive addition. Have your main goal in mind to check yourself every step of the way.

What’s the Deal with Time and Money?

Keep a time and money budget in mind. Be clear on exactly how much you are willing to spend from the very beginning. Also, know when you would like for the project to be completed. If you are working with a contractor, let them know these figures at your first meeting. Keeping everyone involved on the same page will keep any time and budget issues off of the table. A clear boundary will allow for no excuse when it comes to changing the budget or pushing back the date. If your contractor is not willing to work within your timeline and keeps trying to push your budget to the extremes, it may be time to rethink your contractor choice.


If you are having issues with your time and budget, it may not always be at the fault of your contractor. Be sure that your project is reasonable. It may not be possible to get a full home remodel for your budget of $2,000 done within two weeks. Make sure your plan is reasonable in terms of timeline and budget, and also expectation. Talk with your contractor to ensure all of your dreams will come true within the expectations that you have set.

If you are ready to begin a home remodel, let us know! S.E.A Construction works with all of our clients to make sure that their budget and timeline is respected. The design aspect of a remodel is one of our favorites, so we will make sure that your dreams will become a reality.

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