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Posted by Devon Shryock

Go to Style and Form, and do it soon! If you are looking for furniture, textiles, fixtures, (or even jaw-dropping contemporary kitchen configurations ) that you can only access through she-she designers, you have to go to Style and Form. Don’t worry though… you won’t be faced with she-she price-tags. You will rarely find us talking about furniture but Style and Form is one of those exceptions we must disclose.

Sherry Scott is an award winning ASID interior designer and is the brain behind Style and Form. She and her husband Ben (…a really nice guy too!) have found a clever way to purchase pieces that only the quite affluent can afford without swallowing hard, and bring these pieces to us for our delightful homes. Style and Form is one of those best kept secrets among people who have the taste for this caliber of style, but want it for less than it would sell for through a designer.

You often hear about stores that promise designer product at reasonable prices but Style and Form is in another class altogether. If you have always wanted the opportunity to purchase incredibly unique, highly functional pieces you would normally only find through an ASID guru, Sherry Scott’s Style and Form is where you need to go. Even if you are not ready for ‘Incredible’ right now, you should familiarize yourself with Style and Form for when you are in the market.

If this sounds like a commercial, it is unintentional. There’s always that danger when I’m really excited about something, but I just can’t encourage you enough to visit Style and Form… that’s the only way you’ll be able to see for yourself and why S&F should be first on your list… even for great advice.

Three years ago, I hired Sherry to help me pick paint colours for my home. We had just completed building it and were ready for interior paint. Because of many factors, when we got to this stage I was ready to quit. I felt like if I had to make one more decision I was going to burst or run far, far away. Sherry’s encouragement renewed my confidence in myself (that was the bonus) and her incredible eye created an elegant colour palate for the whole house. She was effortless and easy to work with and I love my colours every time I look at them.

When you see what she has done, and can do with her wealth of knowledge and talent you will feel very lucky indeed to have found her. I suspect Style and Form will become your best-kept secret too.

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Apr 26, 2016
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