The Hidden Benefits to Choosing Design-Build for Your Next Remodel

Posted by Devon Shryock

Design-Build firms are construction companies that have professional designers and general contractors on staff to help you with every step of your home remodel. It's basically a one-stop shop for expertise on each part of the process. But why should you choose a Design-Build firm instead of the more traditional separate architect and contractor option? Well, we've got five reasons to show you:

  1. Everyone is always on the same page. Every step of the way, you can be sure your contractor and designer are always working towards the same goal: your dream house.

  2. We always pay attention to the details. When you're working with only one firm, special requests like no brushed brass hardware (or only brushed brass hardware) won't be lost in the shuffle.

  3. We're experts in design and build. All too often, designers will sketch out a beautifully aesthetic kitchen that just isn't practical (or affordable) for the particular house. When you work with designers and contractors as a team, the combined building knowledge with design principles and creativity can create the perfect kitchen for your unique home.

  4. That being said, the client always gets to keep control over the project. When you work with a single team, you eliminate the unbearable battle of the egos from two firms trying to show up each other. In a Design-Build firm, the only person we want to impress is you!

  5. There is easy communication and easy organization. How many times have you missed out on a crucial piece of information, at work or elsewhere, because you were added to an email chain too late or someone forgot to press "reply all"? Unfortunately, it's a common problem that affects us all. Working with fewer people naturally eliminates this issue altogether, making the remodel process less stressful!

The ultimate benefit of choosing a Design-Build firm for your next remodel is the simplicity of dealing with just one company. When you work with a company like S.E.A. Construction, you're working with a team that truly understands you, your home and your vision. Call us today to start building.

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