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The best remodeling experience with SEA Construction

The truth is, you can’t plan for everything. Remodeling projects, just like life, often throw you curve balls. But there is a way to plan a remodel that minimizes unexpected costs, last-minute changes and other mishaps, all while creating the home you’ve always dreamed of! These easy steps can help you have a great — and dare we say relaxing? — remodeling experience:

Step 1: Ask for help
Chances are, you’re not an expert at design, construction or plumbing. That’s ok, others are! Never be afraid to ask for help from a contractor or subcontractor who’s been through this process before. This starts right at the beginning with the design and blueprints. Whether you go to an architect or a design-build firm, a professional designer can help you turn your perfect kitchen dreams into a realistic plan.

Step 2: Get involved
Just as a plumber is an expert on your pipes, you’re the ultimate expert on what you want. Trust the opinions of those you’ve hired but don’t forget to stick to your guns on what really matters. If you’re adamant about having a tiled backsplash in the kitchen, it’s important your contractor knows and updates you with any progress. Being present every step of the way also reduces any chances of miscommunication that will only slow down the project and might end up raising the price!

Step 3: Know what you want
That being said, you should always have a complete vision fleshed out and relayed to every member of your remodeling team. If you aren’t 100% sure of your remodel before it begins, there’s very little chance you’ll be happy with the finished product. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t take the advice of others to heart. That’s what the experts are there for! But be sure to establish a firm vision of your new add-on, kitchen or bathroom before the physical work begins.

Step 4: Stick to your budget
Without a preset budget, prices could skyrocket quickly during a remodeling project. Use the same budget you used when shopping for contractors and be sure your project managers understand your limitations. There may be some unexpected costs or savings along the way, but it’s crucial everyone starts the project on the same page.

Step 5: Be flexible
You may be set on a granite countertop until your designer shows you a beautiful marble sample. Changes happen during a remodel. There are a lot of different people involved in a remodel project so unexpected delays in getting that new countertop could happen. The point is, remodeling is not a perfect science. As much as we try, and do, minimize these detours there always may be one — for good or for bad. Therefore, everyone involved needs to keep flexibility at the top of their mind throughout the process.

Clear communication and expectations are the ultimate key to a successful and less stressful remodel. Everyone’s goal is to create the perfect kitchen, rec room or master bathroom to fit your family and household. To start your next remodel off on the right foot, contact S.E.A. Construction today. Our expert designers and builders will help turn your vision into reality.

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