Get the Most Out of your Pumpkin


Fall has finally arrived, along with pumpkins. October marks the beginning of corn mazes, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating and cozy weather. Don’t get lost in the rush! With these three design ideas decorating has never been so fun or easy.

Decorate with Pumpkins

The arrival of October doesn’t just mean that rainy weather is on its way, it also means that pumpkin patches and Halloween will soon be upon us! You can decorate your front porch or interior with pumpkins of all shapes and colors. Pumpkins are easy to utilize since they’re shades vary from dark orange to light yellow, or even green. Place small pumpkins in a basket to create a table centerpiece or line some along the front walkway to create a welcoming walkway. Whether you choose to use freshly picked pumpkins or glass ones everyone will be sure to notice and love the atmosphere the bright colors create.

Utilize Your Pumpkins

If you’re torn between using your recently bought pumpkin as a table centerpiece or as ingredients for pie, why not use it for both? The aroma of pumpkin pie cooking will fill your house with a cozy scent everyone is sure to love. A pumpkin throw pillow will brighten up sofas and invite company in to sit and relax and enjoy the holidays in style.

Paint with Pumpkin

Tired of pumpkins? Don’t worry; we can decorate without them. Having a pumpkin colored punch wall in the main living space is a one-time-only and squash free way to decorate. Who says we can only have red-orange walls one month out of the year? Let the coziness of fall stay all year round. Pumpkin shades can do wonders in changing the atmosphere of a room. Whether you need a shade to brighten and reflect more light or prefer the deeper tones to match with olive greens and browns, we can help find the perfect shade for you. Choose from a wide variety of pumpkin based shades that suit your style.

Carve out some fun holiday ideas and learn a few secrets about the uses of pumpkins. Whether you want temporary autumn styled decor, or paint to keep a cozy feeling last all year, we are here to help.

If you want to let excited about halloween, and learn more about paint, we can help! Contact us today to learn more!

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