Get the Master Bedroom Oasis you Deserve

Posted by Devon Shryock

Your home is your escape from the outside world, but your master bedroom is your true oasis. We have seen too many master bedrooms get neglected, cluttered, and never cleaned. There are easy ways to update your master bedroom into a true oasis without having to undergo an entire room remodel. Master bedroom updates can involve simply changing a quick color or surface area.

The first thing to keep in mind with your master bedroom oasis is the lighting. Ensuring the space has light during the day and when it is in use will help the room feel larger and more spacious. Dark curtains create the illusion of privacy and separation in your true oasis. While the advice to have both light and dark features may seem contradictory, it will help your space be soft and also private when needed.

One of the hardest decisions to make, yet the most rewarding, is to remove the technology from your bedroom. Taking the television out of your space can instantly make it more relaxing. It is proven that turning off all technology an hour before you fall asleep supports a deeper and sounder sleep. Taking the television out of your room promotes a calmer presence. Instead of watching television, use your room as a quiet escape with a good book or nice conversation. Ridding your master oasis of the television distraction helps your space to be more private, personal, and promotes the idea of an “escape.”

If you have taken the television out of your room but still want to be able to relax and retreat in the space, add in a seating area. Adding a new chair or loveseat will add a new meaning to the space. A chair provides a peaceful place to sit and read, relax, or simply enjoy your oasis without any outside distraction. Adding seating makes the room more than just a bedroom: an oasis is simply a place to escape to and make your own. A room with a bed may be enjoyable when you are tired, but the goal of a master oasis is to be so much more than just a bedroom.

If your master oasis is a small space, a quick update to your entrance can make a big impression. Take the chance to update your entryway. A new door knob can bring a whole new impression to your entrance. Paint your door, add a door sign, or place an entryway carpet on the floor. You will immediately feel relaxed when you enter your space with these new updates.

If you are planning to change the colors of your oasis, be sure to keep them simple. Grays, whites, and blacks are common choices for larger master suites. Keeping the colors simple or in an Earth tone theme is both relaxing and easy to decorate. You can bring new statement pieces and colors to your space when you have a basic palette of colors to build off of. Grays and whites are very soothing colors and reflect the changing light throughout the day in an appropriate manner.

If you do not have the time or funds to update your furniture or surfaces, repurposing may be a great idea. We have seen great success in master oasis’ when people have chosen to cover their wood dressers and door surfaces with a soft pattern or design. This can either be done with paint, paper, or stenciling directly. Taking the wooden furniture element out of a room can help to match a design plan and instantly update the overall visual quality. Your newly covered and designed room will leave a more professional and private impression than your basic bedroom furniture ever did.

If your master bedroom needs more work than a few updates to become an oasis, let us know! At S.E.A Construction we love making rooms specific for the home owner. Your master bedroom should be a place all your own, suited to your personal style and design goals.

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