Follow These Tips to Have Easy Lawn Maintenance


Nobody, including you, wants to spend their entire summer maintaining their lawn. You want to be spending time outdoors with your family, making memories and not pulling another dandelion out of your front yard. Have easy lawn maintenance all summer long by following these simple tips:


It may seem like a time saver to cut your lawn as short as possible (it works for my haircut), but it’s actually better for your lawn to leave it a little longer. Having longer grass will also prevent weeds from getting to the ground and germinating. A good rule of thumb is that you should only trim grass by a third of its size.

As you’re mowing, take notice of how the grass looks afterwards. If you’re grass looks jagged or if the top is turning brown, you probably have a dull mower blade and should get it sharpened.


The best time to water your lawn is in the morning before the sun comes out. This gives your lawn time to absorb the water, then the sun can evaporate any remaining water. If you water at night, your lawn may spend hours with stagnant water on it which can be the cause of plant diseases and more headaches in the future.


Grass should only be fertilized while it’s not dormant. To save yourself time, use a fertilizer that has both quick release and slow release nitrogen. Apply the fertilizer to the lawn with the use of a broadcast sprayer. It will make sure the lawn gets evenly coated and saves you from doing it by hand.

You can also save time and money by leaving the grass clipping on your lawn after you mow. By doing this, your lawn can get up to 25% of its necessary fertilizer.

For more tips on lawn and home maintenance be sure to follow our blog. For expert recommendations on making your home as beautiful as possible, give us a call.


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