Five Home Designs that can Help you Save Space

Posted by Devon Shryock

We love adding small space savers to a home during a remodel. In the end they make a huge difference. Here are five fun designs which can help you save space in your home:

#1. Hanging items.

The kitchen is one of those places in every home that never feels like it has quite enough space. With the advent of huge stores like Costco, we feel like we have even less space than ever because we need a place to stow large purchases of bulk items.

One way to create a little elbow room in the kitchen is to have hanging racks of items like pots and pans. These allow the chef of the family to easily see their pots and pans, choose the proper one and use it all without having to bend over or clang around in a cupboard or on a shelf. It also gives you that much more cupboard space.

#2. Retractable pet food bowls.

You want your pets to eat, but there is no really great place to put their bowls. It seems that no matter where they go, the bowls can be tripped over or the kids get into them. The solution: a drawer at the bottom of your kitchen island can lock in an open position and is specially made for your beloved pet’s food bowl. This is one of the many ways a homeowner can fulfill that Benjamin Franklin quote “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

#3. Built-in furniture.

Many built-in cabinets, shelves, and even window seats can give you extra storage space that fits in smoothly with both the decor and the layout of your home. Built-in furniture can even be set up to hide great storage spaces. For example, we have built more than one kitchen island to also house an extensive wine rack.

#4. Storage under the stairs.

Ever since Harry Potter’s room beneath the stairs people have been asking us to create something useful out of the space underneath their stairs. There are so many things this space can be used for. You can add shelves for storing books, linen, games, and more. This space can be converted to a dog or cat haven. It can be converted into a reading nook or small office. Homeowners have even created an in-home wine cellar in this space.

#5. Converted attics.

Attics are no longer those musty old spaces where we stick our filing or old photos. They can be converted to create a home office, a child’s bedroom, or a hyper-organized storage space. By utilizing an attic, a homeowner may be able to almost double their useable square footage!

There are a ton of ways to find more space in your home. We love working through the design and build process to help homeowner’s discover just how much space they really have! If you are feeling cramped and you want help finding those extra nooks and crannies, contact us today.

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