Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking the Bank


Summer has always been a popular time for redoing and moderning aspects of the home. Many fear that to create a new looking home they will need to pour hours of hard earned money into their designs, but that’s not always the chase. Check out some of our tips for easy and affordable tips on modernizing your home on a budget!


A gallon of paint covers 400 sq. feet in your house, which makes it easy and quick to give your interior or exterior a new, striking color! Remember to utilize color cards when picking a color to remove any guess work. You will know exactly what color you are bringing home and will be able to see how the color changes with different lighting to make sure it's the best fit for your home. A new coat of paint can change the entire appearance of a house, making it look modern and brand new.

Installing New Moldings

Changing out old moldings with crown moldings or a new paint job can entirely modernize your home bringing in an upscale look everyone will notice. A light color will stand out causing everyone to gaze upwards and overall creating a more spacious feel.


We often forget about this aspect of home care. Refurbishing your front yard not only increases curb appeal but can make your entire house look more up to date! A focal point, like a walkway or fountain, adds an amazing look. Stick with a similar color scheme when it comes to flowering plants and try to get a variety of sizes to achieve the most appealing look.

DIY Decor

Popular style is always changing. Doing crafts at home saves you money and allows you to be more in control of decorating your home with what you like. Looking online for craft ideas is easy and fun! Not to mention will add a special touch to your home.

Minor Kitchen Repair

Go for a minor remodel when your kitchen needs a cosmetic update and not a drastically different floor plan. Sand and paint cabinets to give them a new bright look and add some new light fixtures to create a light modern atmosphere.


Upgrading your home doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. With these simple tips you can spend less time wanting to change your home, and more time enjoying the new look you've created. Whether it's choosing a new interior outcolor, landscaping the front yard or adding new light fixtures in the kitchen, we are here to help and guide you along the way.

If you want to modernize and upgrade your home without overextending your budget, we can help! Contact us today to transform every square inch of your home into a pinterest perfect atmosphere!  

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