Don't Let Your Home Remodel Inspiration be Lacking

Posted by Devon Shryock

Have you been wanting to make changes in your home design, but you don’t know where to start? Luckily, you are not alone. Thanks to the Internet and many social media sites, finding home remodel inspiration is now easier than ever. We have put together some of our favorite home inspiration outlets for you to use when preparing for your remodel.

Your Own Home

Take a walk around your own home. What do you like, and what has got to go? Inspiration can come from a small accent piece to a complete room. Do you love the color of your throw pillows, but you hate the couch they are on? Take the inspiration from your favorite pieces to help transform your home. Choose colors, styles and patterns that you already love to incorporate into your remodel plans.


Pinterest allows you to search for anything that comes to mind. A search for throw pillows will result in hundreds of links and images for inspiration. A larger search of home remodel will bring thousands of hits, ranging from money saving ideas to power surge information (see screenshots below).


Not only the television channel, but the magazine and website alike. HGTV is a great resource for home inspiration because it speaks to wide audiences. There are programs for new homeowners, large remodels, vacation rentals, and exterior remodels. The different audience ranges incorporate a wide spread of inspiration. If you need inspiration and don’t know where to start, HGTV will help you head in the right direction.

If you are ready for a home remodel but the inspiration is lacking, let us know. S.E.A Construction loves working with customers to plan their home remodel and interior design to be everything they imagined (or didn’t yet know how to imagine). Don’t wait, contact us now to get the inspiration rolling.

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