DIY Your Home Interior

Posted by Devon Shryock

We are living in the age of Pinterest and Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts. Along with home interior remodel inspiration, websites focused on art and design offer great ideas for new projects. There are a few DIY basic materials that you should always have on hand for those times when inspiration hits.

Spray Paint 

Spray paint is the queen of DIY projects. Different types of paint can be incorporated into numerous projects. Chalkboard spray paint is a great addition to any play room. Traditional spray paint can be used to update an old frame, lamp post, or piece of art. A new type of spray paint creates whiteboard surfaces - great for any office space.


Twine string or twine squares are a staple in any DIY project. The yarn is a great addition to any frame, or can be used to wrap an old wine bottle in a repurposed way. It is very easy to add paint to any twine squares: writing twine signs are very popular DIY additions to children’s rooms and wedding decorations.

Repurposed Wood

If you have recently undergone a home remodel or are planning to do so in the future, hold onto the wood. Repurposed wood adds character to any home project. The wood can be reused to make new furniture, wall art, or other statement pieces. The old wood that you thought looked bad on the wall with a scratch can be a beautiful new piece of art on your wall.



A Canvas 

A canvas can be anything. It can be a literal paint canvas, a blank wall, or a old piece that you want to update. Having a place to create is the beginning point for any DIY or home remodel project. Think creatively when you are planning where to add your new pop of color or statement piece. Tip: Candlesticks and lampshades are a great canvas for new color.

An Idea and Inspiration

Home remodels are a great way to incorporate your personal style and design. A DIY project does not need to be as straightforward as adding a new coat of paint to a statement piece. Use your creativity to plan the new feeling and design of your home.

S.E.A Construction loves working with homeowners to create their new home design. Take the chance to learn your personal style. Knowing what art or designs you want to include in your home will help to evolve your complete remodel. If you are ready to start your design plans, contact us now.

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