DIY Halloween Home Decorations to Make Your Week Easier

Posted by Devon Shryock

We know you're busy so we scoured Pinterest for the perfect DIY Halloween home decorations so you don't have to!


What's Halloween without pumpkins? The surprisingly versatile gourds can provide endless decorating opportunities. Traditional jack-o-lanterns are classics for a reason, but if you're wanting to switch things up a bit, try carving something new like these designs from's blog. You can go above and beyond normal pumpkin art by using more than one. We found this great topiary on It's like a Halloween snowman!

If you're tired of the usual orange, try's craft with small white pumpkins and a rainbow selection of crayons. They're more cute than spooky and perfect for the household that's not too fond of horror movies.


Hanging a spooky wreath on your front door is the perfect first impression for trick-or-treaters and party guests alike. This Edgar Allen Poe inspired one from Gwen Moss is both sophisticated and fun. If you want to say "nevermore" to The Raven, try traditional imagery instead. has a great witch wreath made from tools that will make your whole entryway pop! Do you have a traditional pinecone wreath laying around the house? With just a couple of modifications, you can turn it into a scary, yet goofy, monster like Craftaholics Anonymous did.

If none of these three wreaths appeal to you, Lil' Luna has 50, yes 50, wreath ideas - and the tutorials to go with them!

Kids Crafts

Are your kids bouncing off the walls in excitement for the 31st? Involving them in the decorations can refocus that energy and keep them busy. Kid-friendly craft projects will add a fun, personal touch to your festive house. compiled a list of ten Halloween crafts using your kids' hands and/or footprints. This article from has six easy DIY projects that utilize everyday household items.

Small DIY projects are a great, easy way to prepare for the holidays, but that doesn't mean you have to take care of a whole home remodel on your own! Let our professional contractors and network of interior designers help you plan the perfect kitchen remodel for the holidays.

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