Dickens House 2007

Posted by Devon Shryock

Proceeds go to St. Mathews Episcopal Day School

Hillsborough Oasis
The 'Sun' Room

Designed by Julie Mifsud of Julie Mifsud Interior Design

When we were invited to be the contractor for The Dickens Project 2007 we were absolutely floored by the honor. As a 20 year veteran company of Design/Build, S.E.A. was an astute choice by the Dickens organizers.

Hillborough Living Room by: Emily Taylor of Emily Taylor Interiors

Dickens Projects typically include several designers as well as a contractor with nerves of steel to put it all together. Each designer is given a room of their own to design to their heart's content. Clearly this is not for homeowners with faint hearts. Nor is it a project for most contractors. When all was said and done, everyone involved couldn't have been more proud of themselves ...or of each other.

Dining Room by:

Barbara Van Dillen & Jana Fung of Van Dillen & Fung Interior Design

S.E.A. only hires the best architects and designers for their staff, and in 2007 S.E.A.'s founder Steven Albert and S.E.A.'s head of design, Mark Tetrault,couldn't have been more perfect a pair to guide this project. Steven co-ordinated between S.E.A's excellent team of sub-contractors, all of the contributing designers, and the homeowner. Mark, who received his degree from Harvard's School of Architectural Design, was well equipped to help knit the headier world of high design together with Steve's pragmatic scope of production and scheduling.

Master Bedroom by:

Leslie Lamarre of TRG Architects

Today, our stellar design team has some wonderful new faces, and their work continues to win awards. Because they work under the same roof with our project managers, they experience a rare opportunity in the world of architectural design.

S.E.A. Construction is the perfect place for designers who want to stand apart from other design professionals by their intimate understanding of how to design within a budget, even while allowing our clients room to breath. The real winners are S.E.A.'s clients.

True design/build professionals; those who believe in and practice the Design/Build principles of efficiency, high design, economy, and quality craftsmanship, are very different from companies that simply call themselves design/build. Actual Design/Build takes years to understand and cultivate as a culture that serves its clients at a higher level than the more traditional design-bid-build model.

The 2007 Dickens House was a wonderful opportunity for S.E.A. and an acute reminder of why we believe in and employ Design/Build practices. The simple fact of the matter is, the closer the design and build skill-sets are stitched together, the farther any budget will go.

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