Create a Cohesive Home with One Common Design Element

Posted by Devon Shryock

Are you tired of walking into your house and feeling immediately unsettled? It could be that your home has become a collection of garage sale finds and random purchases that are creating a chaotic atmosphere throughout your home. Fix this problem by choosing one common design element to repeat throughout the house to create a cohesive home.

Your house becomes your home when you feel fully comfortable in it. So find a style that truly reflects your family and personality. This is the first step. If you are having trouble pinpointing a style that you want, consider what you already have in your house. What pieces do you like? Why do you like them? Is it the color? The texture? The style? Out of the design elements that you like, use the one that stands out most to you. If you're still having trouble with this process, check out some interior design magazines, watch Home & Garden Television or visit a local furniture or department store.

Once you've decided on a theme, stick to it throughout your whole house. This is the point of creating cohesiveness. Every room should connect to your home's overall theme in some way to create a successful flow. Next you'll need to consider the fixed finishes such as your cabinetry, hardware, flooring and trim. These are the things that you are not planning to change but need to be incorporated into your home's color palette. Remember wood tones and metal finishes count as colors. Fit them in by finding the nearest color on the color wheel to identify them with. Be sure to limit your color palette to five colors or less. Allow yourself to utilize different shades and combinations of these colors, but don't stray from your decided color scheme.

After you've diagnosed the color palette for your home, you should be ready to start piecing things together. This is where you decide what the one common design element throughout your home is. Use the furniture and decor that you already own to align with this element and also find new pieces to complement them. Remember the goal is not to match everything. You don't want everything to blend in. You want to coordinate your pieces so that they work well together with something that still catches the eye.

The one repeated element could be anything from a color, type of arrangement or a statement piece. 

  • Use one bright, distinct color sparingly throughout the house.
  • Repeat a specific type of wood in your furniture, flooring, cabinets or doors.
  • Declutter every room to create a distinct focal point like a fireplace, table, or wall decoration. Have that focal point match the other ones throughout the house.
  • Paint the ceilings of each room the same color with varying shades according to the mood you want to create for the designated room.

There are many ways to make your home feel cohesive. You just have to determine what you ant with what you have, decide on a color palette and find that one element to repeat in each room. If you're looking for help with this process, feel free to contact S.E.A. Construction for a consult.

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