Childproof Remodeling

Posted by Devon Shryock

Having a child changes many, many things. Raising kids changes how you think, your sleep schedule, your priorities, and more. One thing that is commonly changes is your home. If you are expecting, it is a great time to rethink your home and remodel for the little one.

Here are a few points to consider when you are thinking about a baby-proofing remodel:

Do you want the nursery to remain your child’s room as he or she grows?

You may have a home that is the perfect size for the family you are expecting, which is fantastic. Just be sure that if you are planning to convert your baby’s nursery into his or her bedroom later that you think with future growth in any permanent changes you make.

Built-ins like shelves or drawers will serve your child later in life - while a built-in changing table will not. 

How childproof is your home right now?

There are some basics like ensuring large pieces of furniture are fastened to the walls and anything dangerous is out of reach. An expecting parent should also consider the paint that might chip off in your home. If the home is an older one, there may be lead-based paint concerns.

Changing small things like rounded corners and instaling latches on drawers can make a big difference. If you are considering a remodel, discuss how you can make your home even more baby and toddler proof.

Do you need to make permanent changes or will temporary updates work to protect your baby?

Baby proofing your home doesn’t require a complete remodel. Additionally, a remodel cannot completely babyproof your home. There are small things like furniture, electrical sockets, and the climbing abilities of toddlers to consider. While looking at long term changes to make, also consider what just need a short term fix. For example, you can use safety plugs to keep exploring fingers out of electrical outlets. Baby proofing is all about keeping your child safe without making them live in a bubble.

Are the outdoors safe for your child?

Your pool or yard may have some child safety issues that can be solved easily. Be sure to look outdoors as well as indoors to keep your baby as safe as possible. You can fence off areas which are unsafe or set up an escape-proof play area. While the great outdoors seem dangerous, you can make your yard a safe place for your child.

Is your home ready and comfortable for everyone?

Your top priority is changing your home for your child. However, don’t forget about what you want or the desires of your significant other. Make sure your home is the perfect place for your whole family.

Having children means making huge changes in your life. Let us help you create the perfect home for your new family.

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