Brighten up your Home

Posted by Devon Shryock

Winter is here. Unless you live someplace like Australia or South Africa, this means shorter days and longer nights. We are also turning the corner in the holiday season. So, you will soon be taking down those string lights and removing holiday candles and decorations that made your home merry and bright. That doesn’t mean you need to weather out the rest of the season in darkness! Here are five tips for brightening up your house - all year long: [Dec Blog 4 Pic 1 resized 600]

Tip 1: There are simple home maintenance actions you can take which will brighten up your home right away. These include:

  • Changing out dead light bulbs.
  • Adding floor and table lamps to dark areas.
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors around the house.
  • Adding a mirrors to a small room.
  • Bring on the white accents like white throw pillows, blankets and rugs.
  • Get rid of heavy curtains and let in the sunlight.
  • Bring some potted flowering plants into your home.

Tip 2: Install fixtures which bring in the natural light. Even though it’s winter, we are still getting plenty of natural light - you just need to let more in. There are plenty of ways to do this. Installing a new window or a set of glass doors can bring in tons of natural light. Skylights or sun tunnels can also bring in a huge amount of light without changing the structure of your home too much.

Tip 3: Adding more light fixtures to your home can also bring in plenty of light. Additionally, built ins can make your rooms feel light and airy. These can help you get rid of clutter that you don’t have a place for - without imposing on the existing space. There are many clever ways to build in storage spaces all throughout your home.

Tip 4: Some rooms are simply built in a cramped style that does not allow for much light. the solution here is to alter the room and even remodel your home so it takes advantage of natural light. For example, a dormer installation to a craftsman style home will go with the home’s existing look, but add more space and more light to the home overall.

Tip 5: Improve and update your outdoor lighting system. No matter how bright the inside of your home is, a dark entryway can make the whole place feel neglected. Be sure your landscaping is strategically lit so that you can see your way home - and so the lighting accents gorgeous features like trees, ponds, or your pool. 

What is your favorite way to brighten up your home in winter? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below and tell us all about it.

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