Boost Your Curb Appeal

Posted by Devon Shryock

Often when you read curb appeal advice, it’s something small or short term that is being discussed. But many homeowners aren’t actually looking to sell. They just want their house to look as gorgeous as possible all the time. If that’s something you want, read on. We will discuss ways to get your home looking beautiful for the long term. This isn’t just planting flowers and painting doors. We’re talking beautification that is also functional.

Think about details. Update the hardware outside and inside of your home. Build or install a mailbox that matches the siding of your home. Add house numbers. Consider repainting or re-siding your home. There are a number of details that, when put together, make your home beautiful. Make a list of anything that doesn’t match the look you are going for and replace it.

Create a consistent look. Your home is a particular style. It may be contemporary, modern, Spanish, Victorian, or any other architectural style out there.

There are solutions to an inconsistent look. You can change small aspects of your home or surrounding area to create a match or go the full mile and get a remodel. Consider each detail of the house itself and compare that to your landscaping, driveway, front walk, and even your garage. Does each aspect of your home’s exterior compliment each other or are there inconsistencies that should be addressed?

Give your driveway a makeover. A cracked or discolored driveway can make your home seem dingy. Repairing or even enhancing a driveway with brick or stone trim may brighten up the overall look of your entire home.

Install a front porch. There is something very welcoming about a front porch. You can find a porch style that goes with just about any type of home.

In the end, you want your home to feel welcoming and beautiful. As you consider your curb appeal options, you may start to think about portions of your home that feel cramped or unused. Let us know what you want to change about your home’s exterior or interior.

We’d love to help you brainstorm and create your dream home!

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