Boost Curb Appeal with an Entry Door Replacement


One of the quickest ways to freshen up your curb appeal is with an entry door replacement. Your home’s front door is often the first things guests see so it’s important to make sure it’s sending a good message. Here are some tips to finding and installing the right door for your home.

Pick The Right Color

Finding the right color for your door depends a lot on the color of your house. Use the color tools at to get an idea of what colors will work well with your home’s exterior. As a general rule of thumb, turquoise, red, and dark blue are the colors that are seen as as the most inviting.

Windows or No Windows?

Having windows on your front door will make your home feel more inviting. They also let in more light to your home. Having windows on your door is especially a good idea if there aren’t any windows around the door.

Wood or Metal?

Choosing the material for your door depends on how strong the door needs to be. Metal doors are strong and inexpensive but they may not match your style. If you choose to go with a wood door, there are a few options to consider. The lowest price wood options are built with soft woods and thin veneers. These will not hold up for long and should be avoided. For the best results, you should look for solid wood doors or doors created with two solid wood pieces sandwiched around insulation. These doors will last the longest and will help keep your home insulated.

Another option is to use fiberglass-composite doors. These are good for use in harsh or humid climates as they won’t expand or contract. The last option is to use an aluminum door. These doors are often custom made to fit a unique door frame.

If you want to give your curb appeal a quick boost, invest in a quality front door. If you need help finding the perfect door to show off your home, contact us and our professional designers will be able to help.


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