Best and Worst Design Features in a House

Posted by Devon Shryock

Your home should have unique features to give it character, but you should also be careful not to add elements that will quickly become outdated. These tips will show you how to add character to your house without sacrificing lasting style.


Open Floor Plan

Having an open floor plan makes rooms feel connected

Having a house with an open concept design is inviting and can make your rooms feel more connected. This is great for when you have guests over or if you have little kids that need constant monitoring. Learn more on how to convert an older floor plan into an open one here.

Smart Storage Solutions

We all have a ton of stuff - and we need a place to put it! A method you might consider is to build storage directly into existing unused spaces. This can include beneath the stairs or under seating areas. To read more about hiding away your extra stuff, check out our favorite fall organizational tips.

Modern Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, so keeping it up-to-date is a necessity. A good way to keep your kitchen up-to-date is with modern appliances. When it comes time to get new appliances, opt for a more timeless style rather than trendy. Another option is to remove all unused and unnecessary items from the counters. This will give you counter space that is clean and functional.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Finished porches and patios, as well as outdoor fireplaces, add gathering space to your home outside of your home’s traditional square footage. These spaces are great for bringing the family together for a weekend meal or for an opportunity to enjoy a mild fall evening outside the house.


Trendy Patterns

Patterns tend to come in and out of popularity quickly and as such, you should avoid overusing them in your interior design. For example, over the past few years, the chevron pattern has been very popular. Our interior designers have seen it used on rugs, laundry baskets, lampshades, you name it! It’s now become overused and is losing popularity. If you have a favorite pattern, feel free to use it, just be sure to do so in small, replaceable quantities.

Tiled Countertops

Tile are lower in cost but require more maintenance

Tiled countertops have started making a comeback in recent years due to their lower cost compared to granite and quartz. However, owners have found that the lower cost does not make up for the amount of maintenance required to keep tiled countertops looking good. Save yourself some time in the future by getting a countertop without grooves.

Spiral Staircases

Although they may look good in a rendering or even in someone else’s house, spiral staircases are often very non-functional and can even be dangerous if they are too steep. Stick with a traditional staircase and you can thank yourself when you need to move a mattress upstairs.

If you would like to exchange some of your least favorite features for something more appealing, contact us for a consultation.

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