Be More Productive with the Perfect Home Office

Posted by Devon Shryock

Having the perfect study or work space in your home will be crucial once school is back up and running. Designing theperfect home office can help your household run more smoothly.

  • The bare bones of any home office should encourage productivity, unlike a drab cubicle or school classroom. Science and color theory have proven you're more likely to experience a boost of efficiency surrounded by green walls. If you feel a little sick around too much green, a not-too-bright yellow is a great alternative to stimulate positivity. Further separate your home office haven from the cold confines of work or school with warm homey details such as a rug or medium-toned wood accents.
  • Are you at work right now? Be honest, it's ok if you are. Look up at the light fixtures. They're probably a bit harsh, aren't they? Too much artificial lighting can actually be draining, making you restless and less productive. When designing a home office, consider window placement in relation to your desk. You really want as much natural light coming in as possible to liven the room. Any overhead lights should be neither too bright nor too dim to keep anyone trying to work or study from feeling lethargic. If possible, use multiple lighting fixtures, as well as good window exposure.
  • The best thing about personalizing your workspace is choosing the perfect chair and desk combo. The right setup can often be the deciding factor in productivity. Being comfortable, without lounging, is an important key to brain efficiency as well as physical health. After all, you don't want to be distracted by an aching back just as you're getting on a roll. Make sure your chair is ergonomically built with the human back in mind, even if it means favoring function over design. If the den will be used by multiple people, it will probably be easier (and less cost-prohibitive) to look into a seat support rather than finding a chair that perfectly fits every member of the family. Your desk, on the other hand, should be sturdy and sit at a comfortable level in relation to the chair.
  • Another component in a den that you get to personalize is the organizational system. If you set up your storage in a way that makes sense to you, you're more likely to utilize it. It's OK if no one else "gets it," they don't have to. If you're sharing the space with scholarly children, designate areas for their own storage systems. This way, your clutter won't mix and no one will have to waste precious study time racing through the house hunting down the right notebook. You also want to make sure the desk or tabletop is big enough to handle any given project. Being able to spread out with the appropriate reference materials or supplemental papers will actually keep the rest of the room's clutter down.

Don't forget to spice up the space, it's not a boring cubicle or locker! Your home office should still reflect aspects of your home, whether you work in it full-time or just on the weekends. Personalize the room without bringing in unnecessary distractions like a television.

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