How To Add Character to a Small Bathroom Remodel

Adding character to a small bathroom remodel may seem impossible due to the limited amount of space. However, with some creative design and unconventional ideas, you can create a space that’s both functional and great-looking. Here’s how:

Utilize Compact Storage

A great way to make a small bathroom functional is by using creative storage solutions that utilize otherwise wasted space. Some common spaces that can be transformed are above the toilet and behind the door.

Custom Backsplash

You may think that in order to add character to a room, something big must be added. But in a small bathroom, there isn’t enough space to add extra features like large vanities and spa-like bathtubs. Instead, add your personal style through a custom backsplash. If you want a contemporary look, go with sleek gray tiles or create a more industrial feel by using exposed brick.

Unique Fixtures

You can also add character to a small bathroom through the use of unique fixtures and hardware. Using brushed nickel faucets can give a bathroom a refreshing new look without the hassle of going through an entire remodel.

Use Bold Colors

Using bold colors in a small bathroom remodel will not only add character to the room, it can also make the room feel bigger. Just make sure you select colors that don’t make guests feel claustrophobic such as black and purple. Instead, use citrus colors such as yellow and bright green.

Use Trending Styles

Looking at what’s popular right now in bathroom remodels is a great way to see what will work and what may not look as great in your bathroom. Having a bathroom that is current on the latest trends may also increase your resale value.


Bringing style and character to your small bathroom remodel is possible if you follow this guide. If you need help getting the most out of your small bathroom, talk to our professional designers about turning your cramped bathroom into a functional space.

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