About Us

SEA Construction Inc. is a 23 year veteran custom remodeling and renovation company, located on the San Mateo Peninsula. We have served more than 2000 wonderful clients, all of whom have been instrumental in helping us succeed and improve over the years. We thank you for our extremely positive reputation in the community. Our primary goal above all is to earn the trust and loyalty of those we serve and to be their contractor for life; from that calibration all good things come.

We excel at value engineering your plans to provide excellent quality for every dollar. We are known for our personal service, and our unique open-book budgeting process is getting great attention. Because we aren't afraid to break with outdated, inefficient standards we are able to connect and communicate with homeowners and clients in new ways which are still atypical of our industry and our three year warranty is unprecedented.

You will find that we are surprisingly competitive with a high ratio of value to cost. We are pleased to refer you to Remodel Magazine's 2011 Cost to Value Report for your area. Find out for yourself what it costs to remodel the average (or high-end) kitchen, bathroom or basement in your area.

This unbiased report gives you huge advantages over most homeowners because it provides real budgets that are currently being spent for upgrades and remodels. Always be prepared with solid pragmatic information regardless of what a contractor promises, or friends say they spent on their project. You'll know immediately which numbers are real, while identifying bidders who will likely change their tune once they’ve won your contract with a low bid or sacrifice quality and best practices on your site.

These days more than ever honesty, integrity and an excellent three year warranty track record makes an enormous difference when it comes to peace of mind and value.

The Team you will meet:

Founder and Principle

Steven E. Albert (S.E.A.)

Our Polite Master Carpenters

Jose Moreno

Edgar Luna

Emilio Garcia


Dennis Duca

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