7 Must-Ask Questions for a Smooth, Fun Remodeling Project


Remodeling projects should be hassle-free and, dare we say, fun! So why do they always feel like a gamble and leave you stressed out about your home? The best way contractors like us can help you is if you know exactly what you want from us. Help us help you make the home of your dreams! Cut out the hassle and worry with these seven questions you need to ask yourself before starting any remodeling project.


1. How can your home improve?

First and foremost, you need to address what your home’s shortcomings are. One way to do this is to think back to when you first found your house. When you toured it, were there any problem areas that made you hesitant to live there? Maybe the kitchen didn’t have quite enough counter space, or the garage door looked a bit rickety. Maybe you found the carpets in the living room distasteful.

Whatever the imperfection, you overlooked it and settled into your home, and those little problem areas just became part of the charm. We are creatures of habit, after all. You don’t have to settle anymore though. You can stop tolerating imperfections and fix them! Deciding how and where your home can improve is only the beginning.


2. What style best suits you?

Your living space is a representation of you. As such, its style should make you feel comfortable and proud to display for all your houseguests. When you do a remodeling project, keep the style consistent to match the theme of the whole house. If you sway toward a more modern style, let us know, and we’ll have suggestions for how to make the remodels suit your tastes.


3. Where can you create more functional space?

The space in your home is just as important, if not more, than the furnishing. More space means more storage, more organization, more “room for activities,” as they put it in Step Brothers. The options for creating space are endless. For instance, you can add a cupboard or book nook under your staircase, install a mini fridge in your kitchen island, lower your living room to create an elegant lounge area, and so much more. We’re not kidding; the options for creating space know no bounds. (Get it? Because it’s space.)


4. Does this project make your home better for everyone (and everything)?

When you’re brainstorming remodeling ideas, it’s important to consider not just you but your whole family, pets included! There’s so much we can do to make your pet feel more comfortable in your home, like building an elaborate, secure dog (or cat) door that doubles as an outdoor house, constructing a cat tower that can also serve as shelves or decoration, or crafting a pull-out cabinet for all your pet’s bowls, leashes, and toys.

If you have kids, another idea to consider is making a playroom for them. If you feel like you don’t have room in the house for that, no problem! We’re the masters of creating space. Have a creepy attic everyone dreads entering? Great, let’s turn it into a playroom the kids will never want to leave. Or, if you have a lot of space between the top of your staircase and the ceiling, let’s construct a loft for the playroom.


5. Will this project accommodate future plans?

Life is a series of planned and unplanned events. Something else to think about before starting your remodeling project is how it will impact your life. Not to get too philosophical, but just be sure that these projects will accommodate your future plans. For instance, if you plan on having a baby and have a designated room in mind for the nursery, don’t turn that room into something that will be hard to change back. Remodels aren’t permanent, but they can be costly to alter in the future if they don’t suit you and your family’s needs.


6. Are there any improvements that can be made outside of your home, as well?

There’s so much more to your home than its interior. Every square inch of the exterior is a square inch of potential. Don’t get us wrong; it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but a nice outward appearance doesn’t hurt either.

One way to beautify your home is with a gorgeous new garage door. Plus, a garage door replacement will return up to 98% of the initial cost in the value it will add to your home, according to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. Another idea to improve your home’s exterior is to build a treehouse for the kids. Build a treehouse so awesome you may want one, even if you don’t have kids!


7. How much will it cost?

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to make a budget plan for your remodeling project. If you have no idea how much something costs, we can help with that! Once you’ve addressed all the questions up to this point, you’re ready to bring your ideas into fruition.

Getting started is the hardest part, but you’ve already made it so much easier on yourself—and us—by thinking about these things now. If you need help figuring out the cost of your dream remodeling project, call us today for a free quote!

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