5 Budget Savvy Tips for Bathroom Remodeling and Design

Just because the bathroom is where the dirty business happens doesn’t mean it can’t look fresh. Remember, your bathroom is among the most commonly visited places in your home for guests, so it’s a representation of you and your home. Maybe your bathroom needs a facelift, but you don’t want spend a fortune. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Here are some thrifty tips that will transform your bathroom into a luxurious, private safe haven to do your business—and, best of all, prevent you from flushing your hard-earned dollar down the toilet.

  1. Don’t change your plumbing unless necessary. Unless you’re in dire need of new piping, keeping your existing plumbing can save you up to a whopping $5,000. If your bathroom needs a fresh design, try to develop a floor plan that doesn’t involve moving around your toilet, sink or bathtub.
  2. Add a window and/or skylight. The last thing your house guests want is to feel like they’re walking into a dungeon when entering the bathroom. Add a window to open up the space and give it a gorgeous radiance. If you already have a window but need more natural lighting, consider a skylight. It’s an easy way to draw more sunlight for a warm, welcoming glow. It’s not all about looks though. This additional natural light will also save you money in electricity costs, since you won’t have to flip on the bathroom’s light switch during the day.
  3. Install in-wall cabinetry. The bathroom is where you store your toiletries, towels and everything else you need to get ready for the day. That being said, there’s never such a thing as too much storage. Installing in-wall cabinetry will not only provide more space in your bathroom but will also save you the money you’d otherwise spend buying shelves, a small table or any other piece for storage.
  4. Get a bidet. Before you start cringing at the thought of some hoity toity European housewife getting splashed on the toilet, consider this fact: Bidets are actually much more sanitary than toilet paper. Crazy, right? Sanitation aside, though, there are several other benefits to getting a bidet or even just a bidet attachment for your toilet. For starters, they can save you loads of money. A twelve pack of toilet paper costs about ten dollars, but a bidet attachment is the equivalent of paying for five of them. After that, you never have to pay for toilet paper again, which is especially crucial if you have a big family. Aside from saving money, bidets are also great because they’re more hygienic than toilet paper, more eco-friendly and less of a hassle since there’s no chance of your toilet clogging.
  5. Know where to shop. If you’re set on your bathroom’s utilities and floor plan but want a fresh design, all you need is to buy pieces to give the room a facelift. Whether it be a new mirror, a vanity table or a rack for your towels and robes, consider shopping online via websites like Craigslist. If Craigslist’s anonymity makes you weary, Facebook Marketplace is another great place to look for cheap used items. Online shopping not your thing? You can also hit up any consignment shops in your area. With all of the methods at your disposal, finding those hidden gems is no trouble.

If it’s time for a bathroom makeover, these tips will do just the trick to give you the look you want, without the high price you don’t. If you’re struggling to plan out any of these elements on your own or if you’d just like to learn about more ways to save during your next remodel, contact us today! We want to help you make the most of your remodel without spending a penny more than you should.

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