Make Your Own Wishlist for 2017 Home Improvements

Posted by Devon Shryock

There always seems to be lists floating around this time of year. There are grocery lists, gift shopping lists, decorating to-do lists to help create the perfect holiday. How many of those lists are focused on the future? It's the perfect time of year to start thinking about all your 2017 plans, including any ideas for home improvement. We know making yet another list can seem daunting so we're breaking it down for you in three categories:

Category 1: Fix what's broken

It's time to get that broken A/C system fixed and the cracked tiles in the bathroom replaced. Your top priorities belong at the top of your wish list. If you keep bumping into the kitchen island every time you open the refrigerator door, consider your kitchen "broken" as well. Whether something is broken or an everyday nuisance, 2017 is the year to fix it.

Category 2: Focus on what you need

Make 2017 the year you finally get the master bathroom remodeled! This part of the list is designated for everything you want to get done over the next year, but might not be your top priority. These things may range from new living room couches to painting the walls. The best way to separate this from the first category is to take a little "walking tour" of your own home. Consider what needs to be fixed or redone versus what could just use an improvement.

Category 3: Dream big

Have you ever seen a dining room on HGTV and fallen in love? Put it on your list! This category is where you can start dreaming big, regardless of cost or logistics. Whether or not you can accomplish all of it this year doesn't matter. Instead, it keeps your goals in mind and can help shape the home improvements and remodels you are able to do during 2017.

The purpose of the wishlist is to focus on what you want your home to look like a year from now. You deserve to have your dream house. if you're ready to put some of your plans into action, give S.E.A. Construction a call. We'll work with you to design your perfect home.

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