1902 Meets Generation X

Posted by Devon Shryock


This young family of three was about to have another baby. Creating a home they could remain in for many years was the goal. How perfect is it that they choose to share this traditional American value with a traditional San Francisco home.

The Objectives were: 

•To update and modernize, support the lifestyle of its new thirty-something  owners.
•Bring in state-of-the-art internet and media access and install audio and video surveillance as inconspicuously as possible.
•Create a floor devoted to the kids, a floor for the adults and private  leisure time, and the public rooms downstairs. 


•The whole house was seven inches out of level.
•Security was unusually high as the home is location on a Public Park.
•No Parking and narrow streets
•Neighbor's home is attached on one side.
•Getting large steel frames into place with very tight street access and turning capacity.
•Fabricating , finding, and matching original elements.
20120711135153547 1st floor

A sample of the 1st floor remodel scope.

Left: Existing (as Built). Right: Proposed.

An Interior before and after photo:

IMG 6261

converted secondary kitchen into a Master bedroom

Victorian Kitchen renovation

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